вторник, 22 июня 2010 г.

Web Update 1 для Revit 2011

Доступен первый Web Update для всех продуктов  Revit 2011.

Для Revit Architecture 2011 Web Update 1 для  32-х разрядных и 64-х разрядных систем  можно скачать по этим ссылкам соответственно -



Доступен   Web Update 1 и для остальных продуктов.

На Revit Architecture 2011 RUS он установился без приключений.

Аналогично обновился и Revit MEP 2011

Improvements made in Update 1 build (20100614_2115): 

Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2011 Enhancements 

  Improves stability of the Location dialog. 
  Improves performance of panel schedule views. 
  Allows Calculated Values to be added to Load Summary section in panel schedule templates. 
  Improves display of panel schedule borders. 
  Improves the stability of distribution systems that use a L-G Voltage value of None. 
  Enables Slope and Justification editors for layouts that include duct and pipe accessories. 
  Enables Copy/Move/Array tools for layouts with sloped and non-sloped pipes. 
  Improves sizing when a round takeoff is connected to a rectangular duct. 
  Improves stability when changing the location setting for heating and cooling load calculation in worksharing. 
  Improves stability when connecting conduit to equipment surface. 
  Improves surface connection between different design options. 
  Improves cable tray bend radius control. 
  Improves temp dimension witness line snapping in surface connection edit mode. 
  Improves converting cable tray tee to cross. 
  Improves stability when drawing a cable tray from equipment. 
  Improves stability when editing type properties of electrical equipment. 
  Disables the Modeless Properties Dialog when a value is changed in the Type Selector to avoid 
confusion or an incorrect property change.  
  Updates the pressure drop calculations through a transition using the coefficient loss method 
when reporting the static pressure on systems.   
  Improves Move functionality to allow the user to select different views without having to reselect elements. 
  Improves Move and Copy functionality to allow the user to move/copy at any angle when an 
elbow fitting is included in the selected elements. 
  Improves Move and Copy functionality during movement in 3D views. 
  Improves Move and Copy functionality to maintain depth when used in elevation or section views. 
  Improves Rotation functionality to allow the rotation of sprinklers in elevation views. 
  Disables disconnect warnings when drawing round duct from a rectangular duct using the tap 
fitting “Tap-Perpendicular”. 
  Ensures the direction of the connector on Air Terminals is verified for the proper orientation of the Air Terminal.

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